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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Home Invasion

A blonde Natalie Minx is abducted at gunpoint by a masked home invader in this 11 minute bondage sex video clip. Natalie just came home from an upscale party. She’s still in her hot red dress, stockings and high heels. She’s about to take off her earrings when a masked guy with a gun sneaks up behind her! He forces poor Natalie to the bed, makes her get onto in and begins to tie her hands in front with rope. Natalie is terrified and can’t help but complaining and whimpering.

The invader is sick of listening to it, so he stuffs Natalie’s mouth with a wad of cloth and ties it into place for a colorful packing gag. Then he hauls Natalie down to the floor, ropes her pantyhose clad leg to a bedpost and ties her hands to a leg of the dresser. Now he has his helpless captive all ready for his evil intentions fucking her while she’s bound and gagged on the floor. The masked dude pulls up Natalie’s red dress and discovers that she’s not even wearing any panties! That makes things a little easier for him! He strips down, pulls out his huge cock and shoves it inside the helpless Natalie’s unwilling pussy.

He bends his hot blonde victim into a couple of different positions and angles, plowing her while she’s at his total mercy. When he’s finally had enough bondage sex to satisfy him for the evening, the armed home invader takes off, leaving poor Natalie Minx struggling on the floor, still packing gagged and tied in her red dress and high heels! But does he really have his fill or does he come back for some more forced fucking? 

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Stalker

Chloe Night was relaxing on the sofa barefoot in her nightie when a stranger saunters in with a gun! He orders to hold her hands out and begins tying them He explains that he’s been stalking her for a long time and that he’s her biggest fan. And when Chloe begins to protest a little too much, Sergio wraps a double gag into her mouth. She ends up being tied spread on the sofa.Sergio feels her tender parts before stripping down himself and climbing atop his favorite star naked and rock-hard. In goes his throbbing cock into her sweet, helpless pussy — a dream come true for Sergio. He fucks her hard until he shoots his load all over her belly.

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Revenge

Chloe Night is in her bedroom wearing a dress, pantyhose and heels when Sergio barges in with a gun and a mission. Chloe’s the girlfriend of rival gang member, Isaac. Sergio plans to get back at Sergio by forcing himself on Chloe. He holds Chloe up with a gun, then pushes her onto the bed.

Her arms are tied spread and to the bedposts. Then her dress is cut off of her and her panties cut to expose her shorn pussy. Chloe begs and pleads Sergio to stop, but instead he just shoves a wadded rag into her mouth and wraps a big scarf around her head to shut her up. Then he binds her panty-clad ankles together, one shoe falling off as he does so, and gets ready to fuck the helplessly bound and gagged Chloe. Chloe is fucked hard while she writhes and moans. Finally, Sergio cums and shoots his load all over Chloe’s stomach!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Robber Force Fucks Natalie

Natalie Minx is in her bedroom in her office attire (skirt, blouse, stockings, garter belt and heels) when a masked robber with a holds her up! He forces her onto the bed and ties her spread. Her panties are ripped from her body and shoved into her mouth! Duct tape keeps the panties firmly packed inside of Natalie’s mouth. The robber finger fucks her briefly while he prepares to enjoy a good ride!

Now, her leg is tied high to the bedpost for easy access! The robber rubs his hard cock on Natalie’s tits, then hops on top and pumps his hard cock deep inside Natalie’s pussy until he finally explodes inside her

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Robbed and Raped

Young, redhead Acidalia Sabine was chillin’ at home reading a book at the dining room table in her miniskirt and strappy high heels, when a masked man comes in with a g*un. He orders this young thing to her to put her hands up, then demands to know where her purse is, where the money is. But this pretty, young damsel in distress is coming up empty handed. The masked robber says with a snort, “Well, honey, you got something else I want; I’ll bet your pussy is as pretty as your face!” Now he’s on a new mission!

He forces the terrified Acidalia to the floor, grabs her wrists and ties them with rope, spread wide apart, to the legs of the dining room table. Acidalia is pleading and crying, and this guy has grown tired of her complaining and whining, so he stuffs her mouth with a cloth. But that won’t keep her quiet. So on top of the stuffer gag, the robber layers strip after strip of duct tape! This cute redhead with an angel’s face is now both packing gagged and tape gagged! He grabs her ankles next and they’re tied up high and spread to the top of the table legs — her high heels dangling in the air in clear disply – as are both her beautiful fuck holes.

The masked intruder strips down himself and starts finger fucking the helplessly tied and tape gagged Acidalia! Then he fills her pussy with his big, hard cock — fucking her hard (as only “Thundercock” can!) while she’s moaning and struggling, all tied up on the floor with her heels in the air. He gropes her tits and even grabs her round her neck as he’s fucking her. When at last he chucks his seed into her unwilling pussy, he gets off, telling her he’s going to have a glass of wine, then come back for more! Acidalia is left there crying on the floor as the robber strolls off to get a drink. But will he return for another round? Buy the video and find out!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Stripped at Gunpoint

Natalie Minx comes home from shopping and is handgagged & tied bent over for doggystyle sex by a hiding masked gunman in this bondage sex video! Natalie Minx comes home in her dress after a shopping spree. She doesn’t see the home invader hiding behind the armoire! When she sits herself on the chaise, relaxing – now barefoot, the masked intruder comes out of hiding and sneaks up behind her! She’s firmly handgagged while he put his gun right to her head! He forces Natalie to cross her hands behind her back and then he ties her wrists together tightly with rope.

The masked man gets out his gun again and aims it at her head for some more intimidating and threats. Then poor helpless damsel Natalie is gagged with a 2 layer gag — her mouth is stuffed with a huge white cloth held firmly in place with a thin scarf wrapped around her head. The masked invader hauls her up by her arm and forces her to kneel on the floor with her ass pointing up in the air. He rips her skirt up and her panties off! More gunplay as he holds it to her bare ass and makes more menacing threats. Natalie is quite distress and emotional, especially when this evil man pulls out his huge dick and sticks it into Natalie! She’s fucked right there on the floor, doggystyle and barefoot. He fucks her hard until he shoots his load for great gooey cumshot at the end! This dude’s load is HUGE and splatters all over Natalie’s naked ass and back!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Working Out

Blonde, young cutie Acidalia Sabine was working out when two masked men hold her up and tie her down in this gang bang video — classic gang bang video footage from way back in 2010! The video starts out with beautiful blonde Acidalia working out on the weight bench in the garage when 2 masked men (Sergio, aka “Thundercock” and Isaac W.) come barging in with a gun! They hold poor Acidalia down, then force this young and helpless damsel down onto the bench. Isaac W. proceeds to tie her hands with rope behind the bench.

Then, while holding the gun to our damsel’s chest, the two men strip her topless and then rip her panties off as well so now Acidalia Sabine is totally naked and totally exposed with all her private parts on clear display. The 2 men hold the gun up to her head while they take a long purple silky scarf and wrap it tghtly bout her head so that now she’s tied and topless AND also knotted cleave gagged! Poor Acidalia is obviously quite upset about this wretched predicament. She tries to cry out, but her moans are stifled because she’s cleave gagged. But more’s in store for our blonde and helpless damsel in distress!

The two masked men take her legs and hoist them up to be tied spread and wide apart to opposite ends of the bar so that now her barefoot soles are high up on display in the air and her pussy very vulnerable. The invaders decide to flip a coin to see who gets to fuck her first. Sergio wins, so he begins stripping down. shoves his hard cock into her pussy and starts pounding it relentlessly. (After all, there’s a reason he earned the nickname “Thundercock!”) Acidalia cries and whimpers, but to no avail. She must endure being bound and fucked. Sergio continues fucking this helpless bound and gagged blonde cutie until he finally shoots his load all over her belly! Nice cumshots are included!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker Acidalia Sabine is kidnapped and ballgagged by 2 men who hold her down for forced fucking in this classic bondage sex video from 2010! The video starts out with the blonde cutie Acidalia Sabine being carried into a dining room by her 2 male kidnappers, Sergio and Isaac W. They have their helpless kidanpped victim tied up up in her skirt and little top. The damsel is barefoot as she lost her shoes earlier during the struggle to abduct her.

The 2 men laugh at their poor victim as they carry her in for their evil intentions. Her hands are tied together in front and she’s been bballgagged with a huge green ball with leather straps.  Acidalia cries in terror as the two male thugs plop her down onto the floor. Isaac holds Acidalia down by her bound wrists as Sergio gets more rope and binds one of her bare feet to the leg of the table. Once they have their damsel securely bound and gagged, Sergio pulls down her top down and fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples.

Isaac laughs while Sergio plays with her pussy and engages in a bit of finger fucking. Enough foreplay for Sergio! He unzips his pants, whips off his clothes and thrusts his cock into Acidalia’s pussy as Isaac continues to hold her down. Acidalia is totally frantic! She tries to scream and cry for help but her sounds are muffled from being ballgagged. Sergio rams her hard cock inside of her repeatedly in his signature style (which earned him the name “thundercock”) until he finally explodes! Sergio shoots his giz all over Acidali’s belly in a great cumshot! Outtake included at the end of this “keeping it real” damsel in distress bondage sex video!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Bad Divorce

Blonde Chloe Night just got divorced from Sergio. Sergio is angry because their divorce left him totally broke, and his former wife, Chloe, refuses to loan Sergio any money so he can buy gifts for the holidays. Sergio isn’t going to take any more from Chloe! He breaks into the house where his Chloe is living now and finds her in the bedroom wearing only a blue robe.

Pissed off, Sergio grabs Chloe and throws her onto the bed, then grabs her hands and pulls them behind her back. He takes some rope and binds her hands together before gagging her constantly annoying mouth with a rolled up scarf. After the gag is tied firmly in place, Sergio grabs Chloe by the waist and hoists her up onto her knees. Sergio pushes Chloe over so she’s bent over on the bed, her hands tied behind her back, bare feet and soles hanging over the edge. Chloe’s whining has been muffled by being cleave gagged. Good! Sergio was sick and tired of listening to her all the time!

He grabs Chloe’s robe and pulls it up, exposing his ex-wife’s sweet, bare ass, which is pointing nicely right at him. Great for fucking his uncaring ex-wife! Sergio laughs as he gets ready for some hard pussy pounding! He thrusts his hard cock inside Chloe’s unwilling pussy and pounds it relentlessly while Chloe is struggling and moaning. Her bitching has turned to pleas and sobs to please stop! But Sergio has no such intention! He keeps on fucking Chloe until he cums, shooting his big load of spooge all over Chloe’s ass and back for a great cumshot finale! Now it’s time to find Chloe’s wallet and buy some holiday presents while she’s still bound and gagged on the bed!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Practice For My Girlfriend

Chloe Night is tricked into doggystyle sex in stockings and jean miniskirt in this 14 minute bondage sex video! The video clip starts out with Chloe Night coming over to her friend Sergio’s place in her black thigh high stockings and jean miniskirt. They are sitting on Sergio’s bed talking about his new girlfriend who just so happens to be into bondage. Sergio would really like some advice about this situation and he’d also like to maybe practice some tying and gagging someone before he tries to satisfy this new girlfriend of his.

Chloe is happy to help out Sergio, so she lets him tie her wrists together behind her back. She even goes along when he asks if it’s okay if she’s cleave gagged with a knotted scarf. So now here’s Chloe tied and gagged on the bed with Sergio, but she’s still cool about it all because she thinks she’s just letting him practice for his girlfriend. That is until Sergio suddenly bends Chloe over the bed and ties her stocking feet spread to opposite bedposts. Now, the awful truth comes out! Sergio confesses that he could not think of any other way to get Chloe bound and gagged and this “girlfriend” thing was all a big ruse! There’s not any new, kinky girlfriend at all! He just wanted to Chloe tied up and now he really wants to fuck her, too!

He pulls Chloe’s jean miniskirt up and starts finger fucking her pussy as Chloe moans and mmmphs in protest beneath her knotted gag. Sergio pays her no mind. Instead, he just strips naked and starts fucking Chloe doggystyle from behind with her tied bent over, her naked ass up in the air, her tied hands behind her back. As Sergio thrusts his hard cock in and out of Chloe, plowing her as only “thundercock” can, he admits he’s had this fantasy bondage sex with Chloe for a really long time! He continues to plow her hard from behind with Chloe struggling and crying in vain until finally he shoots his load for a nice cumshot at the end as Sergio shoots his spunk all over Chloe’s naked ass!

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