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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Angry Date

Chloe Night (a notorious dick tease!) gets fucked doggystyle by an angry date in this 10:30 minute damsel in distress style bondage sex video. Blonde Chloe Night returns to Sergio’s home after a date with him. She’s all sexy in her dress and lacy, red and black garters and thigh-high stockings. Sergio thinks the date went really, really well and fully expects to get laid. Chloe, on the other hand, has no intention of fucking this guy; she just likes to dick tease. She brushes off Sergio’s advances and, finally, Chloe just gets up and walks off, acting all disgusted.

But Sergio doesn’t get let Chloe get far! He grabs Chloe, pins her wrists crossed behind her back. She resists, but Sergio has the strength advantage and grabs her wrists and pulls her back, then starts tying her up! Chloe’s hands are tied bound behind her back tightly. Now Chloe is really scared about this change of events. She keeps begging to please be released. Sergio has a solution to this constant surge of whining, pleading and crying: he shoves a gag between her lips and ties it round her head. Now she’s quiet finally after being cleave gagged! Sergio pulls up his tied and gagged captive, yanks her top and bra up and starts fondling and groping her lovely, creamy tits.

Then Sergio forces Chloe down onto her knees, hikes her miniskirt up and rips off her panties. Her ass and pussy are in perfect position to take his prize. He likes the way it looks with the tops of those sexy thigh-high stockings showing. Sergio gropes Chloe’s perfect ass, then finger fucks her shaved pussy for a bit. Now Sergio’s cock is hard and about to burst, so he shucks his pants and thrusts his bulging cock into poor Chloe’s unwilling pussy!

Here is helpless Chloe — bent tied over on the floor in her miniskirt and stockings, her hands securely roped behind her back, a cleave gag in her mouth and last but not least — a dick being plunged into her from behind, doggystyle! This is definitely not how Chloe expected this date to turn out! It’s not exactly what Sergio had in mind, either, but, hey, he actually finds this doggystyle bondage sex pretty fun. It’s not bad having a gagged chick, either; no conversation to interrupt his groove. Maybe he’ll keep Chloe tied up like this for a while for a repeat fucking or two…

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