Truly Rough Productions – Backwoods Freaks

Starring: Cherry Morgan, Skyler Nicole, Taylor Long and Conor Coxxx

When violent attacks are reported on military personnel at a supposedly uninhabited weapons test site, the military deploys a platoon of men to resolve the situation. We join the 2nd squad as they patrol their designated area. Sarge (Taylor Long) is called upon to assist another squad and he leaves the Corporal (Cherry Morgan) and Private (Skyler Nicole) to set up a firebase until he returns.

The private is very concerned about being left, but Corporal Cherry isn’t concerned at all, she just wants something to eat. The girls sit and share some granola, chatting about their boyfriends and what they’re planning to do on leave. When Skyler asks about the mission and the attacks, Cherry relays a story about how the military was testing a new weapon designed to only pacify affected people rather than kill them, but the formula was a little wrong and instead the weapon turns them into killers, but she quickly dismisses the story as just a fairy tale.

Skyler gets up and wanders to a nearby tree to relieve herself, and Cherry stays behind to finish her meal. While peeing, Skyler notices something on the ground. She picks it up and sees it’s a bloody patch from someone recently killed there. She sprints back to where Cherry was and finds the corporal lying on the ground unconscious, and a hillbilly with a mask on is standing over her. And he has the guns. The wild hillbilly orders Skyler to come down and pick up Cherry. Skyler complies and the hillbilly orders them to march, leaving behind a rucksack. 

They arrive at a run down cabin, and are forced inside. The hillbilly holds them captive at gunpoint. Cherry wakes up and realizes they’ve been captured by the “freaks” they are looking for. Knowing they can’t reason with him, Cherry decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to seduce the hillbilly, but before she can seal the deal, another freak enters the cabin. The leader freak (Conor Coxxx) orders Cherry to sit back down and tells her the story about him and his brother trying to make a living in the mountains when the army arrived, and when they found the weapon his brother became stupid, he became smarter and they both became killers.

The lead freak wants to humiliate the girls before killing them, and he orders Skyler to strip nude and blow him, and then he rapes her on the couch. Meanwhile, the Sarge returns to the area where he left the girls, finds the rucksack and runs off to track them.

After cumming on Skyler’s back, the lead freak discards her and orders Cherry to strip and blow him. Then he takes her doggy style on the floor. The hillbilly freak is so turned on by Cherry getting raped, he doesn’t notice that Sarge has arrived. The lead freak tries to get his brother to go handle Sarge, but he won’t snap attention away from the girls. The lead freak frustatedly throws on his clothes and runs outside to handle Sarge, leaving the hillbilly in charge. 

The hillbilly orders both girls to stand up, turn around and start shaking their asses at him. After a while, Skyler notices a knife on the fireplace hearth. She picks it up and she and Cherry attack the hillbilly, stabbing and beating him to death, and then run off to hide in the cabin. Outside, the lead freak sneaks up on Sarge and ruthlessly slices him up with his machete.

When the lead freak returns to the cabin, he finds his brother dead on the floor and this enrages him. He finds Skyler first and tells her since she killed his brother he will kill her last. She tries to stab him, and he catches her arm mid-swing and knocks her unconscious with one punch!

Cherry hears the commotion and runs in to rescue Skyler, but the lead freak grabs her, breaks her arm and then her leg and lets her drop to the floor in agony. He grabs a rope, gets behind her and strangles her to death. He leaves her on the floor for the time being while he deals with Skyler…

Skyler wakes up to find herself tied spread eagle to a bed. She struggles against her bonds until she sees the lead freak standing over her holding Cherry’s dead body like a puppet. He lets Cherry’s limp body flop onto Skyler and Skyler starts screaming and panicking. “I told you I’d kill you last,” he says to her as he strangles her to death and leaves both girl’s bodies piled on the bed and goes in search of more victims.

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