Psycho Thrillers – Trophy Wife Collected

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Starring: Jennifer White, Anthony Time

Rated XXX

An assassin is sent to sexually assault and murder a rich man’s trophy wife.

He threatens her with gun, tells her to take her dress off
She is terrified and complies
She is naked under the dress
He instructs her to take out her phone and call her husband
She tells him not to come home right away, she has a surprise for him
She will send him some pictures
The masked assailant makes her take nude selfies
Then she is told to put on sexy lingerie and heels
She obeys, and he takes pictures of her
He gives her handcuffs, which she puts on
She is made to position herself provocatively
He photographs her, then makes her strip again
The handcuffs are left on
He fucks her in several positions
After intercourse, he makes her suck him off

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