Psycho Thrillers – They Will Pay 2: Taylor Part 2

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Starring: Taylor Sands, Jack Vegas, Aaron Wilcox

Taylor is tied and restrained to the bed.
When the men returned, they forced oral sex on her and used a magic wand on her as well. Then one man grabbed a dildo and forced in Taylor’s ass when the other man forced his dick in her mouth. After some toy ass raping, one of the man switch it for his dick and continues to pound her ass hard.  Both men takes turns to rape Taylor’s ass in several positions till they cum.

Afterwords they left Taylor hog tied face down on bed and left. When they returned, the torture continues. One of the man jammed wine bottle in her pussy when the other man continuously zapped her with a taser. Afterwards Taylor was forced down on her knees and forced to blow both men till they cum in her mouth.
The men were done with her. One man wrapped rope around Taylor’s neck, pull her on top of him and strangle her till death. The other man was finger fucking her when her body was twitching to give her last orgasm before she died.
When she was dead they left her destroyed body on floor and made plans to get rid off the last supervisor nurse.

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