Psycho Thrillers – The Wrong House

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Starring: Norah Nova.

His hands moved quickly from her breast to her throat and he started choking her from behind until she passed out. As she lay unconscious on the bed he molested her lifeless body until she regained consciousness, and she realize what had happened and tried to run for the door, but he was able to catch her. He held her on the bed and started strangling her again with his hands. He was on knees and pressing down with bothhands on her throat. This time there would be no escape no matter how hard she struggled and hit him. He was able to press down with all of his weight on her throat, and strangle the life out of her lovely body. He checked her body for any signs of life and found none, he was sure she was dead. He stuck his dick in her mouth and necro fuck her mouth until he came. He hid her body before his wife returned by stuffing her body in closet.

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