PKF Studios – Rape At The River

“Rape at the RIVER” 
Sterring Pamela, Z & Alex

Pamela & Z are BFF’s, but is has always seamed like a little more than just friendship. Maybe thats why neither one ever had any luck with boys.

Alex is a troubled dude. He has been in love with Pamela since he first saw her, but she has always rejected his advances.
Today, Pamela & Z talk about there up coming change of life as they prepare to go to college. They decide to stick together.
Alex’s urges have taken control. He must have Pamela and must have her now.

The girls are at their favorite spot at the river. It’s a windy day and the close trafic masks Alex’s approach.
A log to the head of Z & she is down–unconscious. A threat of a punch & Pamela gives in, bending to his will.

Alex viciously rapes Pamela–taking what he has wanted for so long. He might have stopped with that, but she fought. So, he grabs her by the throat and strangles her. Her body thrusts and convulses as he kills her.

She is dead, but her pussy is still warm so he fucks her some more.
Z wakes, and Alex quickly snaps her neck before she can escape. He try’s to fuck Z’s dead body but it’s Pamela who he wants.

He fucks the limp dead Pamela until he fills her young pussy with his hot cum. He drags the dead girl to her BFF. They can now spend eternity together.

Fetish Elements: (SC) Nudity, sim-rape, Hand Strangling, Choking, Neck Snap, sim-Necro Sex, KO, Dragging, Awesome Outdoor Location, Body Views.

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