PKF Studios – Girls Last Job

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Starring Ashley Lane & Jade Nile.

Ashley manages to squirm out of the cage and cut her bindings. While she’s attempting to free Jade, Rock re-enters the room and backs them down at gunpoint. He forces the girls to fight each other to the death. First, Jade gets the upper hand and throttles Ashley from behind, but eventually Ashley succeeds in throttling Jade. Jade’s eyes bulge as her sexy friend mounts and agonizingly strangles her.

With Jade dead, Rock forces Ashley to suck him off at gunpoint. She obediently bobs her head on her captor’s dick while kneeling over her dead friend. Ashley slurps Rock’s shaft like her life literally depends on it, letting the drool run freely onto Jade’s torso below. Next, in a twisted move, Rock forces Ashley to help him fuck Jade’s dead mouth. She sobs as she’s forced to suck a dick with her dead friend.

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