PKF Studios – Deadly Layover

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Starring Freya Von Doom.

Eventually, despite a prolonged and feisty defense, Freya succumbs to the agonies of slow strangulation. Her breathing harshens as her larynx is fractured and crushed by the man’s large hands. Freya’s eyes roll back in her head during her final moments. With a gurgle, she twitches one last time, then falls still. She is now his to play with.

The killer pulls Freya’s warm limp body to the edge of the bed. He traces circles around her dead clit with his tongue and probes it inside her tight cunt. The man slips off his clothes and fucks the dead girl’s face. Freya’s deep blue eyes stare dead ahead as he impales her tiny mouth with his big cock. With his shaft wet with her spit, he slides his long thick dick into Freya’s tight, unspoiled pussy.

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