Psycho Thrillers – Night Prowler

Night Prowler – Starring: TIA CYRUS, AARON WILCOX

In the early morning hour, a ski-masked prowler is creeping around a residence. He looks around the exterior of the home and finds an unlocked window and climbs in. He then quietly roams around the house, peering into various rooms. He quietly removes some items from a drawer and puts contents into his pocket. The prowler walks into the master bedroom and watches couple quietly sleeping in their bed. The prowler pulls out his handgun and loudly yells and kicks the bed. The prowler wants money and food. He shows them a .357 Magnum and tells them to be quiet.

The prowler then placed the muzzle of the gun against mans head and handcuffed man’s hands behind his back. Prowler then handcuffed woman hands behind her back while ogling her body.

Then he went through the house walking around house and looking for money.

 Prowler returned angry without any money.

Prowler shoves the gun muzzle into woman back and tuck her as a hostage with him to kitchen find the money. 

While in kitchen prowler order woman to turn around and show him her ass. Woman pleads for him to take the money and leave. 

Woman turns around and lifts nightgown to reveal thong panties, with her hands still cuffed. 

Prowler takes handcuffs off woman. He then orders woman to remove her panties and give them to him. Prowler sniffs her panties and then pulls out his cock and orders woman to rub it.

Prowler sits on couch and orders woman to straddle him and ride him.

Woman pleads not to cum inside her.

After he fucks her for a few minutes, the husband starts yelling out of his bedroom, prowler gets agitated.

He walks woman quickly back to bedroom. Prowler walks over to husband and kicks him several times while yelling at him.

He then throws handcuffed husband face down on the bed and orders wife next to him on her hands and knees. Prowler tells husband he will show him how to fuck his wife. He then aggressively pulls up her nightgown and fucks her hard from behind all the while berating, insulting and threatening her and her husband. Finally, Prowler cum inside the woman, then stands and pulls out gun. Husband and woman are lying face down on the bed still handcuffed. Husband is angry and woman is sobbing. Prowler pushed husband off bed and shoots him. Woman screams. Then prowler pulls off a pillowcase gets on top of woman and strangles her from behind. After he is finished, Prowler, goes downstairs to kitchen and checks his pockets to make sure he has the wallets and panties and exits house.

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