Psycho Thrillers – Facebook Rape Confessions

Courtney plays a woman who has been traced by a person she once knew as a boy as they were growing up. Dante has become disillusioned and deranged, filled with hatred over how his life turned out. He has money but no soul. He uses his tme and resources to wipe the slate clean in his mind by befriending those who caused him the greatest damage in his life. The victims in his life have since moved on and have likely forgotten many of the acts they committee against him but those deeds remain fresh in Dante’s head and he does not have the strength to shake them, only to reward the sacrificial demand it requires of him.
Courtney allows Dante into her home one afternoon, believing he likely would not even show up. They chat but it takes her only a few minutes to learn that she has allowed a deranged animal into her home. Upset, she reaches for a knife she keeps on a table for situations just like these until her husband and the children return from work but he manages to take it away from her. He forces Courtney to the floor where he feels her up, groping her small stiff tits and digging into her juicy pussy after forcing her pantyhose down.

Courtney is helpless as she tries to appeal to his sense of morals or conscience; she barrages him with statements such as I’m married, or, I have children, etc. but nothing stops Dante from stripping her pussy, ass and cunt bare and forcing her down onto her back. He pins her hands above her head and fucks her as she pleads with him not to rape her. He fucks her violently as she screams and pleads then grabs her and throws her over the edge of the couch. He continues to plow her, this time jamming her asshole deep and hard, making her feel the pain she caused him over the years. A few minutes later, he grabs her and forces her to her knees over the arm of the couch and continues raping her, this time wrapping her pantyhose tightly around her throat.

Courtney gyrates and squirms and gags as he tries to fuck her but cannot. His cock hanging, he continues to strangle her mercilessly until she is near death. Dante then jams his cock into her asshole again and finishes her out, Courtney feeling his cock jamming her harder and faster as she weakens, fades and dies. Her body twitches as he continues to passionately hammer her think butt into submission. Once he creams her asshole, he pulls out and flips her over to look at her. 
Moments later he grabs a bag after panning her dead body and drags her out of the house and into her yard where he poses her just before she urinates on her chair and on the floor. Now its onto the next victim. 

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