PKF Studios – Gassing A Tourist

“Gassing A Tourist” 
Starring Isobel Wren

She is forced into a dark sell by a smelly Russian sounding man. She has no idea what she has done. She is just a tourist.
Later, she is given a phone and she calls her parents. Not wanting to worry them, she tries to hide her emotions.

Now, the man is clearly drunk. He wakes her up by dumping a bucket of water on her. He forces her to strip. She is scared, but with the man showing signs of liking her body, she tries to get him to take her home with him.

But, instead, the man tries to rape her on the went, dank floor of the sell. But, she does not cooperate and he tells her he will fuck her corpse later.

She is terified.
Now, it is the next day and the man tells her it is time to die. She does not know what to expect.
Suddenly a green fog floats across the cell. She tries to keep away from it as long as she can, but soon is feeling the effects.

Then, she is staggering across the wet floor, falls and starts to spasm, spashing water as she does. Her legs spread as her body slaps the concrete. Then, foam pours our of her mouth.

After a while, she goes still. Dead–wide eyed stare.
Now, he comes back in. He picks up her feel and drags her all around the wet floor as if mopping it with her soaked hair.
He gets her into position and takes from her want he wants.
Once satisfied, he leaves her spread out, deal, a waste of space for the men to clean up later.

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