PKF Studios – Fireside Chat

“Fireside Chat” 
Starring Mercy West, Zoey Foxx and Katerina Kay

The man has captured three sisters outside there home. He leads them into there living room, forces them to stand against the wall with their hands in the air.

He spends time tormenting them and taking photos of them to sent to their father as revenge. He makes them strip, and forces them to stand front and back, continuing to take pictures and keeping them in general peril. The girls are whining and crying.
Later, he brings them to an abandoned warehouse where he continues the process of tormenting them. He makes them play a game—the one with the most drool gets to die quick and painless. Mercy wins.

The other girls are led across the room where they are doused with gasoline and cuffed back to back on a stake. They say their goodbyes and the fire is started as the other sister watches in agony.
As they start to burn, the final sister is executed with a bullet to the brain.
But, it was just in his head. He is still standing there, getting ready to light the fire. But when he does, the girl blows out the match. Now he is out and frustrated, is forced to take the girls back down.

Plan B.

A little more torment, some more pictures for the father, then he executes one by one in the head.
It is so quiet now. He lays out plastic and moves each girl onto it. He looks them over, then covers them up. There feet stick out as he walks off.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Sisters, Kidnapping, Head Shots, Crying, Drooling, Torment, Gagged, Cuffed, Partial Stake Burning, Body Views, Body Pile, Foot Views.

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