ZFX – Guilty Part 2

A sexy true crime author continues her penetrating jailhouse interview with a demented serial killer… and gets much more than she bargained for… 

Gayle had made her dubious reputation by interviewing the most disgusting monsters society could create, liking nothing better than waving her scantily clad, curvaceous body under her subjects noses like fresh bait. She wanted the sickos she interviewed to want her. She enjoyed it. Gayle’s plot of using her knockout good looks to entice fiends into giving her a great story had never failed. The case of Ed Barker was to be another of Gayle’s triumphs. 

Her preoccupation with infliction and death went beyond a mere journalist interest. Gayle actually got off on it. Literally. As Ed detailed the vicious handling of his last target, a beautiful big breasted brunette who ultimately escaped and brought about his arrest, her excitement led her to play with her dripping snatch as the very fiend who committed the crime recounted the despicable acts involved not three feet away. It wasn’t the first time she had succumbed to her intensity driven lust. This was Gayle’s mercilessly using her hot little body to satisfy his most animalistic urges. After leaving Gayle bound and gagged atop the interview table, Ed attempted a daring escape, only to be riddled with bullets by a Department of Corrections sharp shooter. 

Though his injuries were severe, including losing his voice box, left eye, right hand and even worse his penis, (they shot it right off); Ed somehow survived and has resumed his much-deserved place on death row. While greatly handicapped and unable to speak without the aid of an electronic voice box, Ed is just as dangerous as ever, maybe more so. But now, one year later, pretty Gayle Smith has returned to continue her interview with him, inevitably attracted to Ed’s evil charisma like a moth to a flame. Gayle has come to find out the fate of his last victim, to face the monster that had its way with her and to find out something about the darkness that lives within her…This is the sequel to Guilty, one of the harshest ZFX movies yet made. Even edgier than part one, Guilty: Totemic will take you to the brink of sanity, and then far beyond it. Don’t miss it!!


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