Angel The Dreamgirl – The Detective Kate: On the trail her suspect II

The story: You are a very over confident detective who goes somewhere in search of a suspect alone. You enter the house and start to look around for your suspect. He grab your g.u.n. He is surprised you are alone and so good looking. He orders you to undress. You refuse, he points the g.u.n at your face and repeats again “Take off your dress.”

You slowly undress, while he touches you, your breasts and your ass. You do not take off seamless pantyhose and shoes. He orders you to turn your back on him and knocks you out. You fall to the floor. The screen darkens. He then ties your hands and your feet together and waits for you to wake up. After you wake up he makes you give him a blow job. You’re resist, but you can not do more resistance because your hands are handcuffed. After blowjob, he put you in the pose of a doggy and inside you behind. He fucks you through your seamless pantyhose until it breaks. He’s changing positions. He come in you, then he forces to you again give him blow job, he come into your mouth, and then leave you.

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