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Bombshell Media – Attacked By The Limp Gun

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The robber once founded in one of his heist a special weapon. Possibly not from this earth, because from its shot you become in state.Don’t say no more, the robber always wanted to try it out on some young women and fuck them. He was lurking around Christina for days,he knew where she lived, which apartment she was in.The big day came, he could try out his special weapon. He sneaked in the apartment where the innocent girl was chating with her boyfriend. He couldn’t wait, aim and shoot. The girl become and collapsed. The robber started to fuck her hard… It was a unique experience for him to fuck Christina, that the girl didn’t even know about it… strange weapon…

After the robber enjoyed every minute of his super weapon, he started to want more violent enjoyment. He tied his victim to a chair and gazed at her state. He just couldn’t wait to see her wake up and shot his super weapon at her again. After a little while the tied up blonde woke up and got the second shot which made robber horny and his cock hard.He was ready to fuck her brains out of the poor girl. Soon he cummed all over the the girl knocked out by his special weapon…

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Psycho Thrillers – While Mom & Dad Were at Work

After studying the patterns of a family, a masked man takes advantage of the early arrival of the eldest daughter home from college while both parents and her little sister are working full-time and part-time respectively. Living in a quiet, working class neighborhood affords him the freedom to move about, or to pretend to be a person searching for available homes in the area until he reaches his target then finds an open window, pulls his SUV up to the back of the house then hides inside the girl’s bedroom. When she arrives, everything appears perfectly normal until she encounters him in her bedroom. She screams and a brief scuffle ensues. The girl is athletic so she breaks away and tries to hurry down the steps only to be caught from behind. Her killer ends it quick by grabbing her head strongly and violently twisting it to the side, severing her spinal cord instantly. He manages to sneak her body out her home and drive it to a secret storage unit where he has all kinds of fun undressing, fondling and fucking her young, warm body until he empties himself inside her, her entire life created and nurtured for his selfish moment of pleasure.

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Psycho Thrillers – Perverted Confessions

A young hot slim white girl comes home full sweaty after her workout wearing a tight jogging pants and sleeveless sports t shirt along with a towel on her shoulders.

He then smells the sweat in the towel with pleasure in front of her. Seeing this she asks, “Are you ok?”. He puts the towel on her shoulders again and holds her hand and then confesses his strangling fetish to her, that he always wish to strangle hot girls like her for fun or play just to experience its pleasure but never could say it or try it on anyone. She felt pity for him and then thinks for a second and then replies that she could offer her neck for him to strangle (just for a play).


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Psycho Thrillers – Death Date 2

a sexy young woman has terminal brain cancer in the form of a tumor and hires a mercy killer to end her life in the manner she sees fit while making it look like a home invasion, **** murder to cover his tracks. When he arrives he finds her waiting delightfully in sexy lingerie ready for him to sexually assault her but when he gets cold feet she challenges his manhood which in turn compels him to grab her by the throat and to fuck her in any manner he pleases, pleasing her to the very end when he surprisingly pulled her neck upwards and violently breaks her neck, ending her life without her feeling much pain and all the pleasure. He continues to fuck her hot, tight pussy then sprays his cum all over her ass before cuddling with her and enjoying the form of her sexy feet.

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