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PKF Studios – Nice Guy Killer: Veronica

“Nice Guy Killer” 
Starring Veronica Radke
Directed By John Marshall

NOTE: This is the fifth installment of a new series from the author of great movies like, “Wendy’s Boyfriend”, “The Good Murders”, “My Plan”, and others. Check out this cinematic, intense, and brutal movie. 

Today was different. The girl was at his place, doing a presentation for him. He sat in his nice suit jacket, tie, sipping coffee as she gave possibly the lamest presentation he had ever seen.

She was obviously an idiot and should die soon.

He listened, gave her pointers, the usual stuff any nice guy would do. And, when she was relaxed, comfortable, vulnerable–he attacked.

When she came too the world was different. She was bound, on the carpet. He told her he was making a recording of this—for others to see and set up the laptop and camera. She was scared–just not for her life. That would come later.

The rape was brutal as rapes tend to be. She was whining and crying the whole time, but he knew she felt him in her and would leaving, the rest of her life wanting that again. Only, she would never leave.

He tried to explain the concept—the dilemma….but they were all dumb in the end. So he played with this one a bit. 

He really liked her reaction when he was clumsily getting the garrote around her—he wanted to put on a show–draw it out. This was not his A game—not these strangles. She kicked and thrashed, squirming all over the place–various positions. It was entertaining, watching her struggle, then gasp for air when he let the garrote loose. Every time, she had that glimmer of hope that this would mean she would life.

But, the story for this girl must end. And so, the garrote went tight–really tight, and stayed tight as she thrashed, stretched her neck muscles, bugged out her eyes, lashed her tongue. All those things—those endearing things her body did to try to live, did not stop death from coming. And then, she was still.

He rolled her over, admired her. The webcam recording was just for him. He was not stupid. It was a show…it is all a show. He left her to cool on his carpet. He would collect and dispose of her later. 

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Forced Sex, Garrote Strangling, Catch and Release, Body Views, Foot Views.

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PKF Studios – Dating Game 1

Starring: Zoey Foxx

There are 12 rules to the game. All participants were familiar. Messing up, could mean their own death. Mr. Black and Mr White were well aware of the danger, but also, the reward, should they succeed.

It did not take long. An ad was posted on a local dating site and they had a live one a couple hours later. A meeting was set, a plan was laid out, and the game was on.

Zoey, recently single and with renewed courage entered the dating scene knowing she was hot and could–no SHOULD be able to get any guy she wanted. So she took that attitude when she posted her slightly snooty ad and hopefully, found herself a new potential boyfriend. But things were not looking so good as the minutes passed at the fancy restaurant, 4 waters later and no date.

That was when Lucky showed up. Dumb name, but welcome addition to this failing party and she was willing to go anywhere at this point just to move this disastrous night forward. 

In the parking lot, another man showed up and quickly she ascertained that they knew each other and that HE was the one that no showed her. Her predicament was starting to form and when she tried to bolt, they attacked her.

The game was point based and they had set up a situation that was sure to be lucrative, so they decided it to was their advantage to work this one together and let the Grandmaster split the points after review of the footage.

They got her to the safe house and slammed her down on the bed, pulling off her clothes, gagging her, then started their assault. This really was an easy game, it would seem, as all they had to do was be horrible to this young women and that is what they did. Forcing her to suck their cocks, then taking turns raping her. What fun. And for the bondage points, they kept her hands cuffed behind her and knew the pain they were causing would give them bonus as well.

They fucked her several ways and finally each dumped a load in her. She was used, abused and degraded to nothing. She just laid on the bed, head matted in the mattress, tears in her eyes. In shock and disbelief. 

For the final round of the game, they had to kill her. The method was predetermined to be strangling.

As they moved her out to the middle of the room on the white sheet, she came to realized what was about to happen and started to freak out. But, it was only a moment, for the garrote was quickly around her next and she was being murdered by one of her attackers as the other checked the camera.

Violently she struggle–the garrote digging into her flesh, the cuffs tearing into her wrists and back. Her legs flopped and flayed about. Her face darkened and tensed up, the look of panic in her face was priceless. This was premium footage.

It took a while. At one point, her face was smashed into the dirty carpet, drool and tongue touching the fibers as the life slowly pulsed out of her body. Slower…slower….slower. Done.

There was silence and satisfaction. A job well done. They rolled her up in the sheet they killed her on and dragged her out of the room to dispose of her per instructions.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Kidnapping, Rape, Forced Blowjob, Garrote Strangling, Gagged, Foot Views, Body Views. 

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PKF Studios – The Reporter

Reporter, The
Time: 42:45 minutes
Starring: Paris Kennedy 
This video features: strangle_garrote hosiery forced_sex bondage necro_play

A reporter is held against her will. He forces her to give him oral while probing her for information. She is tied to a chair, tormented with a knife. Later, he sexually assaults her and finally kills her.

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PKF Studios – The Rage Of Roid Man

Starring Alexandria and David

Alexandria, office worker by day, superheroine by night, is alone in her office late one evening, when her super hearing picks up the sounds of an intruder.

She quickly speeds into her costume and prepares herself for the villain, once he is within her grasp, she attacks, disarming him and knocking him down quickly, but he has a secret.

He pulls a needle from his pocket and injects it into his neck: Skorpion Venom. The new roid that gives any common thug the power to take down the superest of super heroes.

Alexandria knows what she is up against, and fights back cautiously, losing the battle to his superior strength.

He takes her to a room, where he ties her wrists together and starts tickling her, on her chest, then on her feet. He then pulls her top down and starts fucking her face, the heroine resists, but he throws her on the couch and slides his evil dick into her pussy and fucks her until he cums.

With no more use of the heroine, he pulls out a rope and wraps it around her neck and strangles her until dead.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, SFX, Fighting, Costumes, Beat Down, Tickling, Bondage, Blow Job, Fucking, Strangling, Death, Body Views

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PKF Studios – Killer Clown

There is a epidemic of cLoWn on clown RAPE STRANGLING happening. The video documents one such occasion. 

She ClOwN try’s to escape from He clOwn. Alas, She does not. He clOWn captures She CloWn & RAPES her. Then, as if the RAPIN was not enough. He cLOWN suspends She clOWn by her boobs. Once He CLOWn is satisfied with the boob suspension. He cLoWn RAPES She CloWn some more. 

When He cLoWN is done RAPPING She CLOwN, He cLown tells She clOWn that He is going to kill her. She ClOwN begs for her life. He CLOwN then STRANGLES She clowN. She ClOwN struggles in her hand cuffs. Her ginormous boobs bouncing in defiance. 

She cloWN dies from lack of helium to her CLoWN brain. ;0( 

Fetish Elements: (HC) Nudity, Strangle, Rape, Chase, Boob Hanging, Bondage, Had Cuffs, Clowns, Plus Size Model, Body Views

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PKF Studios – Asphyxia And Necrophilia

Download and watch PKF Studios – Asphyxia And Necrophilia on taboovideos.

I pick up this girl hitchhiking. I put her out then take her back to my place. She wakes bound and gagged. I fuck her and strangle her. She keeps passing out. I keep fucking her. Then I strangle her until she doesn’t wake back up. I fuck her copse and leave her.

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