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Psycho Thrillers – Horrified To Die

Starring: Tia Cyrus, Talon, Britney Amber

Two girls at home are waiting for a pizza they ordered. Instead of pizza man they are surprised by gunmen.  With their hands up they are marched through the house until they face a wall in a far room of the house and strip to their thongs. The gunmen handcuff their hands behind their backs. Then gunmen twist their nipples and put them on their knees where they give the gunmen blow jobs until the men cum in their mouths.
The women are gagged with duct tape and knelt over the front of the sofa, where the gunmen take them sexually from behind.The women are then tied at the ankles, and forced to watch as the gunmen hang nooses and put stools under them. The nooses are put around their necks, and they are posed on the stools with horrified expressions on their faces.

Tia is then taken down from the stool. One of the killers strangles her until she is dead while the other girl Britney is forced to watch, still standing on stool with noose around her neck.Finally Britney is put down on her knees and strangled mercilessly.  Both dead bodies are posed on the carpet next to each other to create Yin and yang.

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PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 5: Part 1

“Nanny Interview 5 Part 1”
Starring Emma Scarlett

We open with a flashback. On the bed lays a sexy woman sprawled, while a monster of a man slides his cock into her cold dead pussy. A ligature mark denotes her untimely death as he lays into her, thrusting with a vicious fervor. He pulls out, and sprays his load on her chest in thick, viscous globs. He leaves her there.

The man sits in a chair talking to his bosses about a new potential nanny. They are happy to hear that she seems to be completely secretive about her intentions to be a live in nanny. This will make things so much easier. The sexy little 18 year old sits on the couch in her flirty school girl outfit. She giggles and laughs nervously at his interview questions and makes adorable coos at the pictures of the children she is interviewing to be the nanny of. The man seems way too eager to get her to take a drink from an unmarked bottle of water however and her nervousness soon seems less misplaced.

Getting off the couch, she laughs awkwardly as she uncomfortably states that she doesn’t think the house will be a good fit for her, but the man imposes himself on her, blocking her egress. She begins to get frightened and the man grabs her. The pair tossed on the floor as he fights to gain control of her. He punches her and wraps a belt around her neck to control her, pulling it tight every time she struggles too much, choking her. 

The torment continues in the bedroom of the house. He has his way a she begs him not to, twisting her nipples and making her scream, running his wanton hands down her perfect body. Pushing her panties aside he rams his fingers in her quivering cunt. She screams out in pain having never been penetrated before. He repeatedly dips them in and shoves them in her mouth. Getting hard he pulls her by her “leash” off the bed and forces her to gag on his cock. She gags on it, taking the whole thing, before he pushes her on the bed in an ass up position, his cock prepped for whats next.

He rams his cock into her as her eyes go cross and she screams in pain that it is too big. He rapes her vigorously, paying no attention to her pain. She begs and pleads for him to stop, but he uses her just the way he wants, using the belt around her neck to control her. He flips her over and continues fucking her, making her face her nightmare until he releases his sticky mess inside her. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Necro, Postmortem, Necro Sex, Cumshot, Interview, School Girl, Lingerie, Lace Panties, Knee Highs, Struggle, Forced Stripping, Sexual Assault, Rape, Screaming, Pain, Nipple Twisting, Belt Choke, Forced Fingering, Forced Blowjob, Gagging, Fucking, Whimpering, Pleading, Internal Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Detective Kate: On the trail her suspect

Download and watch Angel The Dreamgirl – The Detective Kate: On the trail her suspect on taboovideos.

The story: You are a very over confident plainclothes detective who goes somewhere outdoors in search of a suspect alone. This could be a parking garage or a wooded area or whatever you have available. You drive up and get out of your unmarked car and start to look around for your suspect. He manages to surprise you and knocks you out. You fall to the floor or ground depending on where you can film outdoors. He is surprised you are alone and so good looking. He fondles and gropes you and pulls your dress up and checks you and your underthings out. He rag dolls you some and rolls you around some.

He then ties your hands behind your back and your feet together. He looks in your purse and gets your car keys and your address from your drivers license. He picks you up and puts you in the trunk of your car. He takes you back to your place and carries you in and throws you on the bed. He starts to get a blow job for himself while you are still . He then unties your hands and strips you down to bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. He takes your g@n from your purse (this doesn’t have to be a real g.u.n.) and waits for you to wake up. After you wake up he makes you give him a blow job at g@npo1nt which you do until he gives you a facial. After the facial you call him a b@stard and tell him you will find him and send him to j@1l. He knocks you back out again and uses your police handcuffs to cuff your hands behind your back. You are then shown with close ups and body pans knocked out wearing the facial and your legs tied and hands cuffed behind your back with your own cuffs. He then calls 911 and reports officer down at your address knowing that the pol1ce will come and find you in this situation.

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