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Suffering Sluts – Captured Whore

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A few slaps to the face wakes the victim up and a hand over her mouth makes sure she can not scream for help.She looks on horrified as his cock hovers just inches away from her.Soon,with a hand full of her hair,his thickening prick is shoved into her mouth and she is forced to blow her captor as he threatens to hurt her. He pumps her head until he cums and forces the whore to swallow something that tastes very familiar to her.Cum and slime run out of her mouth only to be rubbed onto her face when he is finished with her.The scene then turns to more torture as she is tied,spread eagle to the bed.

A tape gag that reads “cunt” is sealed over her cum stained lips and her tormentor applies clothes pins onto her nipples before finger fucking her to the brink of orgasm.Not allowing her to cum,he instead applies more clothes pins to her cunt  and lets her write in pain until he is tired of her.Later on,the whore in again made to breathe in the chloroform and pass out so that handcuffs and leg cuffs can be applied to her helpless body.When she awakes,it is only to have her throat encircled with twine as she gasps for breath.Jerking in bondage as she is strangled,she is allowed to pass out once before being revived and then finished off. Limp and lifeless,the whore is left naked and on the bed as he makes his escape.

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