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Crime House – I Spit On Your Grave

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StarringAnastasia, Katolina, Hass, Kit

Katolina met a guy in night club and he raped her during afterparty. She was in shock and went to her friends with her drama. 3 girls decided to revenge. They invite a guy for sexparty where he was injected to the neck. Girls wanted to torture and kill him but stupid girls forgot to tie and bondage him. He went up and…

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Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 2

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Starring: Mouna Leesa and Conor Coxxx

Mouna Leesa hops out of her sports car and strides confidently into her house. She kicks off her shoes and lets out a sigh when suddenly, the doorbell rings. Strange, she wasn’t expecting anyone.

Mouna steps cautiously down the stairs and opens the door. Suddenly, she is face to face with a gun held by Conor Coxxx. She stumbles back onto the stairs, frightened. Conor demands she behave and does exactly what he says. His first order is for her to get up the stairs. Mouna crawls backward up the steps and he follows close behind.

Conor forces her to her feet and step into the middle of the room. Then he tells her to take her clothes off. She reluctantly complies, taking off her shirt and shorts. Conor is disappointed and tells her she isn’t done yet. She is truly frightened and vulnerable now, taking off her last bits of clothing and shaking with fear. 

Conor reaches down and unzips his fly. She knows what he wants her to do next. She quivers as she goes down to her knees and reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock. She starts sucking his dick gently, all the while he holds the gun to her head. Any minute he would kill her. 

After a while, she decides it is time to really step up her game. Maybe if she pleases him he will let her go. She begins to really work on his dick as hard as she can and he begins to feel and orgasm coming. Just when he’s about to cum he pulls the trigger, and her head snaps backward from the force of the bullet! He takes over where she left off and cums on her corpse.

Satisfied, Conor pulls up his pants and leaves, her body still on its knees on the floor. 

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Truly Rough Productions – Cut Caroline

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Starring: Caroline De Jaie and Conor Coxxx

Conor has had a bad day. He stews at the table alone, not knowing that his girl, Caroline, is about to surprise him. She appears dressed to the nines, with two drinks in hand. His day just got a little bit better.

She takes a seat next to him, and they share a silent toast, but he doesn’t care about the drink. They begin kissing, and she removes her dress, pulls down his pants and gives him a glorious blow job. They fuck in all manner of different positions, and he cums on her belly.

Caroline lays back down on the table, satisfied. Meanwhile, Conor goes behind the table and fetches a knife. He looms over her, positioning the knife just above her throat and just as she’s about the open her eyes, he slices right across her neck!

Her hands immediately reach up, trying to stop the blood loss, but her blood still manages to leak through her fingers. She desperately tries to hang on, but she cannot stop death any longer. Blood seems into her mouth, and she slowly dies on the table, the gifted drinks spilled near her corpse. 

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Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 3

Download the full version of Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 3.
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Starring: Amanda Marie, Severian

Amanda is at home alone getting ready to make some coffee when a knock comes at the door. She is confused, as she was not expecting anyone, and goes to the door and finds herself face to face with a man holding a gun.

The man forces Amanda back into her home at gunpoint and asks where her valuables are. She gestures at the counter where her purse is. Keeping the gun trained on her, the man searches her purse and wallet and finds nothing of value. He yells at her, frustrated. 

Amanda offers to do “other things” for the man instead. He tells her to take her clothes off. She begins by lowering her hood, revealing her bald head. The man is somewhat phased by this, but tells her to continue. 

She removes her hoodie and jeans, and begins to get self-conscious. The man sternly tells her to continue. She removes her bra and panties, and covers up at first. But then, something changes in her and she uncovers, revealing herself defiantly to her attacker. The man unzips his pants, reminding her what she agreed to do.

Amanda strides over to the man, kneels down, undoes his pants and disgustedly begins to give him a blowjob all while a gun is up against her head. She works hard to please him, hoping once he’s satisfied he will go away. Instead, once he cums in her mouth, the gun goes off!

Her body tenses up, frozen in time for her last moments before finally going limp, sitting upright before him. He gently nudges her head away from him, watching his cum drip from her mouth. He then buttons his pants back up and walks out of the home, planning on visiting the neighbors next…

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Truly Rough Productions – Likas Feet

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Starring: Lika Lubov and Conor Coxxx

Lika plays a young woman who made a mistake at work. She is absolutely terrified that her boss will call immigration and have her deported for it. She enters her boss’s office begging for forgiveness. The boss is silent, and coldly motions for her to sit down. 

Once Lika has sat in a chair across from her boss, the man motions for her to put her feet on the desk. She does not want to comply, and would much rather just go back to work. The man lifts his phone receiver and prepares to dial immigration. Lika swiftly interrupts him, and pleads for him to not call.

She sighs and decides to comply. She puts her booted feet up on the desk. The man orders her to remove her boots, and she reluctantly removes them, placing her socked feet on the desk. When the boss reaches out to touch them, Lika recoils her feet in protest. The man threatens her once again with calling immigration.

Defeated, Lika allows the man to touch her feet. She looks away in shame as he rubs them for a lengthy amount of time. He orders her to point her toes, and she does it, allowing him to continue touching her feet. He pulls out some rope to tie her up and she allows him to tie her ankles, knees and hands together. 

After rubbing Lika’s feet a bit longer, the boss begins to tug on her sock to pull it off. She grows extremely upset over this, and tells him to keep her socks on. The man ignores this request and yanks the sock off. She gets angry and recoils her feet again, but the man grabs her legs by the binding, pulls her feet back to him and pulls the other sock off as well!

The boss begins to rub her feet more, but she retracts her feet from him and tries to get up to hop away. But, before she could get away the man gets up, pulls her back into her chair and sets her feet into his lap. The boss pulls out his dick and begins fucking her feet. Lika pulls her feet away yet again, and tries to get away, but the boss is too quick, shoving her face down onto a nearby couch.

The man hoists her legs up onto the couch arm and resumes fucking her feet while she struggles to break free. After a while, he finally cums all over her feet!

With rope in hand, he steps over to her head. Lika thinks he’s done and is about to untie her, but he has other plans. He wraps the rope around her neck and pulls tight! Lika can’t do anything about it, she is completely tied up. All she can do is buck and kick her feet. She points her toes in desperation as she feels the last of her life leaving her body, and then goes limp. The boss leaves her body on the couch to play with later. 

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Truly Rough Productions – The Hostage

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Starring: Alexandria Von Strutter, Dan Sergeant and Taylor Long

Alexandria is captured and being held in a cold room. She was kidnapped and is being held hostage by a ruthless man who sent his demand for money to her husband a day ago. She paces around the room, nervously awaiting her fate, chanting to herself to keep herself calm.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and in enters her captor. In his hand is a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. She asks if her husband has paid yet, and the man replies “We’re gonna find out.” He steps across the room, binds her hands and covers her eyes with the blindfold and leads her out of the room.

The captor leads her into an open room and drops her to her knees on the stone floor. She is frightened and begins to weep, afraid she’s about to be killed. Her captor tells her to be quiet as he dials her husband. The husband demands to speak to his wife before paying, and the captor complies. He lets her say a couple words before snatching the phone back and ordering payment. 

The husband quickly transfers the money and, after checking to make sure the money went through, the captor gives him a location and says he will find his wife there. 

After hanging up, Alexandria asks if she’s about to be let go. The captor replies that she will be, and she smiles, thinking her ordeal is almost over. She profusely begins thanking her captor, not knowing that he has raised his gun level to her head. In mid-sentence, he fires a single shot into her brain killing her instantly! She flops down to the floor, coughs up a little blood and dies. She will never get to see her husband after all. 

The captor raises her blind fold, her eyes staring off into nothingness. He never promised her husband would find her alive. He removes her handcuffs and leaves her body on the floor while he goes to fetch a camera. 

Once he returns he takes a single photo of her body. Then he grabs her by the wrists and drags her off into the next room onto a rug. He rolls her body up in the rug and carries her off to be disposed. 

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Teraz Films – Hijacked Stewardesses

Download the movie Teraz Films – Hijacked Stewardesses.
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Starring Ally Angel & Cindy Dollar

Two snooty air stewardesses are aboard a passenger flight over darkest Africa. Suddenly one of the passengers has had enough of their haughty attitude and decides to teach the pair a lesson. Pulling a gun on them he makes them strip naked.

They are forced to grind their breasts and pussies for the entertainment of the passengers. With their humiliation complete the hijacker decides that its time to throw them off the plane. Naked and handcuffed the buxotic babes are marched to the galley. The door is slide open and 100s of feet below they can see their fate. Naked and trembling, they titter in the door way. Time to say bye bye as the Hijacker kicks them unceremoniously out of the plane.

The two stewardesses have been stripped and kicked out of their plane.

After hurtling thousands of feet through the clouds, their fall is miraculously saved by their own airbags. Naked and lost in a dark foreboding jungle – Stewardess Ally starts to wonder through the jungle, only to hear an ominous roar. She is not alone. Something very large is approaching.

Suddenly into the clearing arrives a huge gorilla and he’s found his perfect mate. The furry monster forces Ally to suck his giant cock.  She takes the pulsating phallus, deep into her mouth. Again and again he thrusts. She thinks, maybe if she can satiate his libido she will survive. What choice does she have, as his huge cock ravages her dripping holes. But in an orgasmic frenzy the gorilla breaks her neck and the stewardess falls lifeless to the ground. As if in a strange jungle ritual, the Gorilla shoots its simian spunk all over her dead, naked body.

Meanwhile, stewardess Cindy is just coming around. Bruised and broken, she finally manages to stand and walk off to try to find civilization. But just then she hears a mighty roar. Will she suffer the same fate as her female colleague?

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