Punished Heroines – Super Bad Date IV Part 2

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After her public defeat at the hands of Skullion’s monster, Superia decides to refocus on her career and helping the less fortunate. Using her secret identity (Stephanie Banks, world famous reporter) she participates in a charity date auction. The winning bidder (Stewart Pidazz) wastes no time taking full advantage of his 2.5 hours with the gorgeous night time journalist. As the night progresses, Mr Pidazz prepares some cocktails which Stephanie gladly partakes in to try and cope with the appearance of her charity date. Stephanie begins to feel tired and Stewart begins to reveal his true intentions… Stephanie finds herself struggling to fend off Stewarts advances while also fighting to stay conscious. Stephanie wakes up in her costume bound AoH in Skullion’s dungeon. Stewart explains how the footage of her defeat inspired him to find her true identity, and how his addiction to Superheroines in Peril had to be experienced first hand

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