No Hope 2

Solaria tracks down 2 missing special operatives that are being held and interrogated in an underground facility by a cybernetically enhanced hired gun. She engages with the cyborg but from the first strike, she realizes she’s in for it. She’ll later realize the cyborg is constructed with a kryptonium derivative intentionally designed to weaken Solaria should they encounter each other. She holds for quite a while and doesn’t even try and use her powers falsely thinking she’s got the fight under control. Before she knows what’s happening, she finds herself on the losing end. As a last-ditch effort, she summons all the strength she can to activate her laser eyes which vaporize most of the organic parts of the cyborg, leaving only some of the mechanical pieces and some green crystals and fluid, likely from the power source the cyborg was using. The recent altercation combined with the proximity to the green remnants, Solaria finds herself barely able to stay awake. The two special operatives find themselves locked in a room far below the surface with an impenetrable steel door, and an incoherent heroine laying in front of them. Find out what happens.

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