Truly Rough Productions – Likas Feet

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Starring: Lika Lubov and Conor Coxxx

Lika plays a young woman who made a mistake at work. She is absolutely terrified that her boss will call immigration and have her deported for it. She enters her boss’s office begging for forgiveness. The boss is silent, and coldly motions for her to sit down. 

Once Lika has sat in a chair across from her boss, the man motions for her to put her feet on the desk. She does not want to comply, and would much rather just go back to work. The man lifts his phone receiver and prepares to dial immigration. Lika swiftly interrupts him, and pleads for him to not call.

She sighs and decides to comply. She puts her booted feet up on the desk. The man orders her to remove her boots, and she reluctantly removes them, placing her socked feet on the desk. When the boss reaches out to touch them, Lika recoils her feet in protest. The man threatens her once again with calling immigration.

Defeated, Lika allows the man to touch her feet. She looks away in shame as he rubs them for a lengthy amount of time. He orders her to point her toes, and she does it, allowing him to continue touching her feet. He pulls out some rope to tie her up and she allows him to tie her ankles, knees and hands together. 

After rubbing Lika’s feet a bit longer, the boss begins to tug on her sock to pull it off. She grows extremely upset over this, and tells him to keep her socks on. The man ignores this request and yanks the sock off. She gets angry and recoils her feet again, but the man grabs her legs by the binding, pulls her feet back to him and pulls the other sock off as well!

The boss begins to rub her feet more, but she retracts her feet from him and tries to get up to hop away. But, before she could get away the man gets up, pulls her back into her chair and sets her feet into his lap. The boss pulls out his dick and begins fucking her feet. Lika pulls her feet away yet again, and tries to get away, but the boss is too quick, shoving her face down onto a nearby couch.

The man hoists her legs up onto the couch arm and resumes fucking her feet while she struggles to break free. After a while, he finally cums all over her feet!

With rope in hand, he steps over to her head. Lika thinks he’s done and is about to untie her, but he has other plans. He wraps the rope around her neck and pulls tight! Lika can’t do anything about it, she is completely tied up. All she can do is buck and kick her feet. She points her toes in desperation as she feels the last of her life leaving her body, and then goes limp. The boss leaves her body on the couch to play with later. 

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