Psycho Thrillers – Roommate Sleep Creep

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Starring: Dolly Leigh, Aaron Wilcox, Jack Vegas

Everybody is drunk passed and out on couch. Tracy, Bills girlfriend passed out revealing some of her private parts. The only person who is awake is Jeff who is still buzzed.

Jeff sees his roommates, Tracy private parts and wants to make sure everyone is out and won’t see him. He tries to shake Bill if he is asleep, he was passed out cold. Then he tries the same with Tracy. After her not responding he starts fondling her, removing her clothes and sleep raping her.  When he is finish with her he cums on her ass and wipes it off with her panties.

The next day morning she is standing in kitchen having coffee, Jeff comes in and starts talking to her, she was bitch to him. She tells he she knows what his done. She has his DNA on her panties and she will turn it in to cops if he don’t pay her.
Tracy’s boyfriend left for work.
Things get heated, Jeff grabs Tracy by her neck and pins her by the wall. Lifting her up and strangled her until she is dies.
After she is dead. He put her in closet for later. He packed her clothes and throws the bag out to trash. Then he call his buddy, Bill letting him know Tracy left with her stuff.

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