HUNTER’S LAIR OF HORROR – Waking up to horror

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Staring Carissa Montgomery

On her day off Carissa thought she would sleep in. But that proves to be a fatal mistake. She is rudely awaken by a hand clamped over her mouth and a hooded fiend standing over her. Before she can react he rolls her over onto her belly and pulls her hands behind her back. Her wrists are then tightly bound behind her back with thin ropes as she begs and pleads for him not to hurt her. She yelps in pain as he pulls her elbows together and ties them brutally tight with more ropes.

Her ankles are then tightly bound. She watches helplessly from her bed as he goes to her dresser and starts rumaging through her personal things and lingerie. Her the muscles in her legs and feet begin to weaken and cramp. This causes her to begin to slowly strangle on the rope. She fights to keep her legs bent and her feet arched but it is hopeless. Her world begins to spin as she slowly strangles with a strange buzzing in her ears. Finally her body give up and she blacks out. Her lifeless body still cruelly bound shakes and quivers for the last time.

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