Dark Heart Horror – Last Call

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Like many young coeds,  Allison is trying to pay her way through school.With all her classes she didn’t really have the time for many jobs so a friend talked her into becoming an internet escort.  It’s been going great for Allison,  for just a little bit of her time she was making more than enough money to meet her educational needs.  Everything was just perfect until last Friday when she made her LAST CALL.  She showed up at this rich man’s house only to find a note asking her to try on some lingerie and chill out with a smoke before he comes down.  Allison was more than happy to do just that!  Two things she very much enjoys – smoking and hot lingerie!   She is startled when he finally makes an appearance,  he asks for her to put a little show on for him which she happily does till she is then sees what he has hidden behind his back..  a KNIFE!!   he gets her to stand on a chair and places a noose around her neck.  You know where this is going and it’s not going to end pretty for poor Allison.

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