Crime House – Without Meat

Starring: Nata and Luiza

The Vegans Cooking Show has very low rating in Texas. Viewers want to see how to cook meat-dishers, but every Monday TV show tells only about Vegan cooking. It was more that just bad marketing strategy of TV-show, TV presenters are fanatics of vegan lifestyle. They hate meat, killing animals and meat-eating. 

When their thief, young woman from program-management says that it’s time to change format and tell about meat and stop vegan show, they are in fury. But their assistant are loyal to any format and she’s ready to tell how to cook stakes. 

Boss says to vegans «you’re fired!» and lets assistant to continue her job. 

Vegans loose control. They rush to the show, attack boss and assistant, fight with them and stript them, terror them with knifes and cut their throats!   They just want to show terror of meat-eating. Sometimes extremes are very horror!

Women agonize with their throats being cut. Assistant  licks the table during agony before her death.

After the females were dead, vegans decompose corpses of women, stab them and start their «Non-Vegan Show». 

It’s just fantasy erotic horror and comedy with R-raiting. Crime House respect all cultures, including vegans culture, so, the film is just a fantasy. 

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