COH X – Dont Answer The Door

An attractive woman is relaxing after a long day at the office. Two men posing as telephone repairmen have been watching her and decide to pay her a visit. Using an elaborate plan to “fix” her phone, they enter the premises. While one of them conducts a fake survey, the other heads upstairs to setup the restraints, and to wait for her and his partner. She grows impatient after 10 minutes have gone by, and decides to check on the guy’s partner. Plus the man conducting the survey is just downright creepy. As soon as she enters the bedroom, she immediately regrets even letting these two guys into her home.

Before she can even scream, she finds herself handcuffed and tossed on the bed. The men get to work, fondling, tearing her clothes off, and fucking her with a bottle of alcohol. Tired of this, they use the restraints (handcuffs secured to the bottom of the end tables, and spread her legs wide. The first guy fucks her pussy while the other watches. Once the first is finished, the second fucks her face down and cuffed, while the first guy spreads her legs to allow easy access for his partner. While the men fuck her wheel barrow style, both of them throw insults and berate the fuck out of her. After depositing their loads, the first guy takes the same bottle of alcohol and beats her skull brutally until her kicking legs lye completely still. 

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