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Sammi finally got done with her appointment with the D.A. He and his team have been trying to convince her to be a witness to a crime that is one in many. A young violent man has been kidnapping young ladies, abducting, then raping them repeatedly before killing them and dumping their bodies in the woods outside of town where he lives. She walks to her car, knowing that the suspect will soon be behind bars. It is such a lovely day outside, the sun shining, trees blooming, grass is green, and not a cloud in the sky. Sammi gets to her car, opens the trunk to put her bag in and a man runs up behind her, elbowing her in the back of the head. He rolls her body into the trunk and starts to tie her up. His long black rope ties the poor, knocked out beauty up tight. After she is wrapped up tight, he closes the trunk, grabs the keys from the lock and drives away.

The man pulls into his alley driveway, backing in to block any outside eyes from seeing his catch. When he pops the trunk, the girl is waiting, feet untied, and kicks him to the ground, she then starts to run, he chases her and punches her in the head, knocking her unconscious. He picks the hot young gal up and takes her through the backdoor to his living room. The man’s house is well kept and he carries her directly to the couch. He unbuttons her suit jacket, then, starts to remove her bra using his buck knife. He cuts the bra’s straps. When he reveals her breasts he can’t help but to play with them. They are perfect, milky white tits with large dark nipples. He fondles them with vigor. The man then removes the girl’s skirt and then panties, revealing a silky smooth, tight snatch. He leaves the room for us to check her out, tied by the hands, bra cut off, high-heeled pumps still on her feet.

 When he returns to the living room he has his gun in the small of his back. He flips the girl with her ass in the air, on the couch and sticks his dick in her while she is coming to. When she starts to whimper, he puts the 9mm up to her temple. The girl is terrified. She knows exactly who he is, her worst nightmare. He has been tailing her and knows she is a witness. After he screws her, he asks her if she knows him, she nods yes. He asks if she is going to testify and she says no. He says as long as she is cooperative, and let him have his way, then keeping quiet, he would let her go.

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