Chris Corner – Underwater Prom

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Zander has an idea! Invite the new girl Sammi over, tell her to get dressed up because they are going to do something special. Sammi knows Zander is a strange young man, and as high school dropout turned art student, she knows he lacks ambition, so she has kept her distance. Today she is bored, so she decides to take him up on the offer. The girl, from the other side of the tracks, dresses her best, including a lingerie set, with opera gloves that he had shipped to her with the invitation, including some new heels, and black stockings.

 her till her pussy is sore and swollen, while choking her with his tight, leather gloved hands he asks a question. “Do you like to play in the water”? He knows she is terrified of water and marches her upstairs to where the bath is running. He removes her lingerie, gloves, gag, leg cuffs, then finally after getting her in the tub, takes off the handcuffs. She is so scared, and pleads for him not to hurt her. He replies, “I won’t hurt you”, then grabs her and puts her head underwater! She thrashes all about, kicking, bubbling, and swallowing lots of water. The young man is strong, determined, and in control, she is no match, but still tries hard to free herself while he holds her down with both hands. The lady fights hard, but finally loses the battle, and we see her pretty blue eyes open underwater, mouth open, still and dead!

Zander is not don. He pulls the plug for the drain, then, pulls the hot girl’s lips and head to the edge of the tub for one last mouth fuck! He puts his hard dick in her mouth, screwing the girls face while her eyes stay open and glazed from the struggle. He climaxes on her face and mouth with a grand finale. After he gathers himself he pulls her to a better position, as she slides into the tub with a thud. We then see her body and open-eyed death stare from many angles, and sweeping pans.

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