Chris Corner – Should Have Had A Drink

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Lexxi is on the road for business, she comes back to her hotel room after a long day of meetings, she starts to undress as she talks to her boyfriend on the phone. A creepy guy has been following her and the day before she had to tell him to get lost, she isn’t interested in even “Just one drink”. She sees him loitering in the lot outside her window but ignores him with an impervious attitude. She thinks she is so safe, so she finishes her call and gets undressed. She then starts to rub herself, then takes off her bra and starts to use her small vibrator. She goes at it and eventually screams with orgasmic pleasure. The man has snuck inside by now, he is very stealth and makes no noise. When she is done she changes into her Booty shorts and tank top to sleep, then crawls into bed to get some rest. When he knows she is out, he comes with his kit, a knife, rope, and chloroform and rag comes out.

He gets on top of her and administers the Chloroform, which she fights hard but passes out in under a minute.. After she is out he ties her up in a hog tie position, then grabs the knife. he plays with her pussy till she wakes and he threatens her with the knife, taunting her. He forces himself into her mouth, fucking her face as she drools and chokes on the dick. He then rapes her in many different positions, fucking her hard, saying, should have had a drink… After lots of Rape and forced oral in different positions, he cums in her moth and on her face, she gags and chokes, then spits up the seed on to the floor. The man knows now that he must finish her off and does so with a long, crazy, two handed throttle, and switching to one handed. He chokes her hard, her gasping, choking, drooling, and twitching, till he lifts her up and moves her again, choking the crap out of her. She drools and her eyes go wide and bloodshot as she expires. After she is dead, he removes all of the stuff from the room, positions her on the bed, then reminds her of why she, “Should have had that drink”…

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