Against Her Will – The Collector

A wealthy twisted man had been advertising his mansion for rent to flight attendants traveling abroad. The plan was to trap them in his home so he could rape and kill them. He had an extensive collection of outfits in a bedroom closet from past captures. The man thrived on his collection, he needed a flight attendant to make it complete. Grace answered his ad and agreed to rent based on the pictures. She took the rental because her new home base was Europe.

The man stayed in the house and watched his victim for several days sometimes weeks before his attack. Grace returned home and went to her room. She noticed a door that had no handle. Grace slid the door open and walked in a huge closet. Inside there was racks of women’s clothing, all kinds of different work attire and costumes. She was freaked out. The man was waiting for her and he attacked her. He covered her mouth as she screamed through his hand. Grace was frozen with fear. She passed out. When she awoke she was gagged and tied on the bed. The man was pacing the floor. Grace was then stripped and the man pulled his cock out. He forced her to suck it. Grace gagged and chocked on it. He held the back of her head forcing it down her throat.

He fucked her face in several positions. She gasped for breath and told the man that she would do whatever he wanted so long as he let her go afterwards. The man then fucked her tight pussy hard. Again in several positions. Until he came deep inside of her. Grace, bound and gagged was frozen in horror. He drug her out on the balcony and put a noose around her neck. He tossed her over the rail. The fall was too short to break her neck so she slowly strangled. He took her body down and carried her to the couch. He stripped her uniform off her and folded it neatly for his collection. He pulled out his cock and fucked her dead body as he fondled her small feet.

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