Against Her Will – Anger Management

Ms. Starr took a part time job evenings teaching an anger management class. She never realized the people she would have to deal with. Her first class was over 30 minutes late. She had one man show up on time. They sat and waited until the man began to question her why they were not starting. She said she  had to have the entire class present. He became furious. He took a day off of work, and several buses to make it on time. Now he was expected to do it again!  She tried to calm him but he became angrier as she spoke. Finally he snapped and jumped from his desk pouncing on Ms. Starr.

He grabbed the busty teacher by the throat forcing her on her back on the desk. She was very scared but tried to remain cool. He noticed her huge tits as she was arched over backwards. He pulled off his belt and tied her hands with it. All his anger came out and he would take it out on her. He thought of his messy divorce and his greedy cheating ex-wife. The man decided to take her. He ran his hands up and down her body. He forced her to blow him with her head hanging over the desk. He slammed his cock all the way down her throat. His ex-wife never sucked it like that. He felt her silk stockings and up her skirt. He opened her blouse to suck her massive tits.

She told him anything that would calm him down. He spun her around so her ass was at the edge of her desk. She said he could do whatever he wanted to her. He pushed up her skirt and yanked her panties down. He stroked her bare pussy. He positioned himself between her legs and fucked her hard. He teased her as he fucked her. He told her he was feeling a little less angry. Her stood her up and bent her over her desk. He entered her from behind. She moaned and begged as he fucked her from behind. He told her to get on her knees because they were going to have a little prayer. He jammed his sloppy cock into her mouth and fucked the back of her throat When the angry man was satisfied he came all over her pretty face. He made her sign his paper so he would not have to repeat the class. She thought her ordeal was over. He came up behind her with his belt and quickly wrapped it around her neck. She struggled but could not get away. She was already weak from the attack. She succumbed quickly to his assault. The final indignity was the man exploring her dead body. 

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