Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Superior Girl’s Downfall: Malador’s Revenge

Malador may be an evil genius, but his physical strength is pathetic next to amazonian beauty Superior Girl. She has no trouble taking him out and sending him to prison. But 3 years later, she hears tale of his escape. The evil genius is stubborn and returns to his former layer, tracked down quite easily by the superheroine. But before he escaped, Malador already formulated a plan for dealing with the inevitable encounter. He hits a button on his laptop and falls limp. Superior Girl is stunned. Did he just himself? Caught completely off guard, she doesn’t realize what Malador has done until she’s cornered by a metal monstrosity. The robot speaks like Malador and states that the scientist transferred his consciousness. The robot is unresponsive to Superior Girl’s strongest hits. It even has arms made with the very element she’s weak to…

Superior Girl awakes strapped to a table, barely aware of the robotic voice dictating her fate. Turns out there’s more to the robot’s arms than rare elements. A hand has converted into a powerful penetrating device that will ensure Malador’s body-controlling nanobots get deep inside her body.

With the nanobots in full control, Malador feels safe enough to from the once mighty heroine to transfer back into his human body and bring her to his bedroom. As much as her mind tries to resist, her body is fully obedient to Malador. He can do anything he wants to her and make her do anything he wants to him. As her mouth drips with cum, he tells her that he’s going to send her out to recruit more superheroines and make them supersluts, just like her.

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