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“Whatever He Wants”
Starring Ashley Lane

Aaron unties Ashley’s ankles so he can climb between her legs and slip his hog into her. Her high-heeled boots stick straight in the air as Aaron pounds her harder and harder. Ashley complains that he’s being to rough, but that just makes Aaron fuck her harder. She tells him to stop, but he covers her mouth with his hand and squeezes her boob roughly with the other.

Ashley squirms, her cries muffled by Aaron’s palm. He straddles her chest and blows his load all over her face. Ashley is livid and demands to be untied. She wants even more money for all this extra rough stuff. Instead, Aaron wraps the rope around her neck and garrotes her on the bed. Ashley gags and gasps for air while Aaron’s cum drips down her chin.

Aaron returns to the bedroom once his refractory period has elapsed and he’s able to get hard for Ashley again. He fucks her dead body in the missionary position, without all the flailing and crying this time. Aaron shoots his wad in Ashley’s pussy. The strip club owner might be pissed for a while, but Aaron spends enough money there that he’ll get over it.

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