PKF Studios – The Torture And Murder Of Paul’s Girlfriend

Janice was getting ready to go out when she got a call from her boyfriend Paul.  Paul, who had been giving her the life she deserved, skipped town and she was left with rent and and no spending money.  He told her she had to leave and leave soon.  

When she finished her call, Frank paid her a visit.  Seems he was looking for Paul.  Seems their business is on the shady side and now Paul has skipped town with the dough and Frank wants to find him.

But, Janice had no idea, but she could tell Frank was not buying it.  She took a risk, started to seduce him, then when he was distracted, made a run for it.  Not a good plan.  Frank was fast and stopped her.  Now things got worse and it seems Frank was going to get what he wanted anyway.

The rape was long.  It started on the couch, interrupted by a beating.  Then, continued on the floor–a rough fingering.  Then, he set her up, shoved his cock down her throat to make her gag.

But, he was not done–oh no.  In the bedroom the rape continued.  Violent at times, he forced himself on her and did all sorts of things.  When he was done, his load was deep inside her and she was a mess.  He made her dress–then it was time to go to the were where he would learn about Paul from her.

He brought her in roughly, stripping her, then slamming her head on the cement floor–knocking her woozy.  He hooked her up to the rig and let her think on it.

When he came back, he woke her up with water.  Then, he hooked her up to his device and gave her the chance to talk.  She, still did said she did not no anything.  He still did not believe her.  He started shocking her.  

The wet sponge worked well.  The victims typically did not ground well to the floor.  She had a metal waist belt on that was perfect.  The loop was closed and every time he touched her with that sponge, she popped, shook and convulsed as the juice ran through her.

It did not take long before she was ready to talk.  But, she really did not seem to know anything.  Instead, he let her down with a fake promise to free her in exchange for a good blow job.  And–she gave him one–like her life depended on it.  It didn’t of course, but, she didn’t need to know.

She worked him up and finally he let it all shoot hard against the back of her throat. He held his cock on her until he was done, then pulled out.  She let the leftovers run down her chin.  He was satisfied.  She did good.

He stood her back up and, this is always his favorite part as they ask to be let go—he had promised.  Well, promised from a drug supplier mean shit.  He hooked her back up and for more fun, watched her jiggle some more.

When he tired of the entertainment, he placed the sopping wet sponge right up against her neck and held it….and held it….and held it.  He held it, watched her eyes, her shaking face and body, drool pouring out.  He watched until he knew her life had ended.  

When he removed the sponge, her head slumped.  Her body fell slack.  She just hung there, the skin around her hands scrunched up from the weight of her lifeless body pulling her down.  He looked her over, the walked off.  He would have someone take her down later and dispose of her.  Now–where was Paul? 

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