PKF Studios – Southern Justice

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Starring Riley Reyes

Enraged with his prisoner’s attitude, the guard storms off and returns with his riot shotgun. He points the barrel at her and laughs as Riley cowers in fear. The guard forces Riley to show him her tits. Feeling the bulge growing in his pants, the guard orders Riley at gunpoint to suck his cock. If she does a good enough job, he might let her go.

Riley is reluctant at first with her captor’s thick meat forced down her throat, but she soon embraces her slutty side and hungrily slurps down the guards thick joint. Stroking his shaft with one hand while bobbing her pretty blonde head, Riley gags on the hard dick like a good girl. Nonetheless, the guard is not properly stimulated by her performance. He leaves Riley standing there naked in huff.

That’s more like it, the guard thinks. He grabs the dead prisoner’s head and skull fucks her. No matter how hard she tried to choke down the guards fat cock, Riley just wasn’t up to par. Once you’ve forced your dick down the pliable throat of a corpse girl, there’s no comparison. The guard has no trouble finishing this time, emptying his balls in her agape mouth. Ah, Texas justice. He’ll make the new guy clean it up.

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