PKF Studios – Psychotic

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Starring Salem

Salem steps into the powder room and her stalker creeps in through the sliding glass door. He tastes her General Tso’s chicken and grabs her phone. Already horny from the excitement, the psychopath rubs his bulging cock through his pants. Wild, murderous thoughts percolate in his addled brain.

With a calm, creepy voice her attacker tells Salem to accept her situation. She cries and begs for mercy, but the psycho slips a black strip of fabric around her neck and tightens it. He throttles this sexy ginger nice and slow. Salem kicks and claws at the floor, trying to crawl free, but it’s no use. The psycho strangler flips Salem onto the bed and pushes hard against her back to get deadlier leverage.

Posing Salem face-down/ass-up, the killer impales her tight cunt from behind. Her lovely red hair drapes over her delicate shoulder blades. The killer is mesmerized by his thick veiny rod moving in and out of her tight, unspoiled twat. He fucks Salem missionary style and finally fills her with a hot load. He leaves Salem’s corpse sprawled and naked, her red hair hanging down the side of the bed.

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