PKF Studios – Murdered For Amusement

“Murdered for Amusement” 
Introducing Nikki

After school and her parents would not be home for two hours. She and her boyfriend of 2 months ran into her parents bedroom, leaping on the bed, and started to make out.

Two teenagers alone and things started progressing. Pretty soon the kissing turned into a blowjob and Nikki was thinking she was not going to be a virgin anymore after today.Soon, he had her pants down and was testing the waters. Everything was going so good. Thinks were about to happen.

Then, the world came crashing down. The man was watching them for a few minutes, but it was time to be amused. The stupid boyfriend tried to confront him–stand up for his little bitch. But, he schooled him quick, knocking him out with his gun. Yeah–that taught him. 

The boyfriend was just waking up, trying to focus and what he saw was fucked up. The man–the sick fuck was laying next his little sweet Nikki. He tried to movie. He couldn’t move. All he could do was watch the horror unfold before him.

Nikki was terrified as the man ****** her to do things to him. She had to. She was scared and he threatened to kill her boyfriend. She loved him. She did not want him to die. So, she did what she had too to save him. She sucked that mean mans cock. She did a good job–she really tried. She wanted him to go away. 

But, the man was not ready to leave. He was just getting started. This is what he lived for. Tormenting people–fucking with their lives. He fucked the virgin teenage cutie. She was tight as shit and he rammed her hard while her boyfriend watched. He could tell the boyfriend was getting pissed off. He hoped the boyfriend would break out of the tie and run for him. He would fuck him up. But, the little fuck just sat their and watched him fuck his girlfriend. What a pussy.

He pounded her for a while on her back, then flipped her and did her doggy–making her look right at her boyfriend. She was crying, embarrassed, scared. He was trying to break out of the chair. Screaming through his gag.

Time to raise the staked. Life or death. He ****** the girl to suck his boyfriends cock. It was not getting hard. He put the gun to her head. She better get it hard in 10 seconds or she was dead. The pressure…was on them both. One of them would get the other killed–over a simple task…

10 seconds was up and he pulled her away. She screamed in fear, he watched in agony and despair as the man blasted two holes into his sweet, innocent, Nikki. She flew back onto the bed, arched, then relaxed–dead. Two hole–one in each breast.

The boyfriend freaked so he knocked him out again.

Later, the boyfriend was still agitated. His girlfriend lay dead on the bed. The man untied him, keeping the gun to his head. He gave him a choice. Fuck his dead girlfriend, or die.

The boyfriend reluctantly crawled up on her, then put his mind in a place that would help him do this task….but, there was more. He fingered her, ate her out, got himself hard, then fucked his dead girlfriend. He fucked his sweetie Nikki for the first and last time.

She was tight, still warm and he could not help himself. He came deep insider her. The man watched all this with amusement, then as soon as the boyfriend was finished, he shot him in the head. 

That is what he liked. First, the chaos, then, the utter silence. 
He left the two teenage lovers to fine a new party to crash.

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