PKF Studios – Murdered And Fucked

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“Murdered and Fucked”
Starring Vienna Rose

The strange man who stared at Vienna during lunch followed her home. Before she can even kick off her heels, he drops her with a single well-placed headshot. The killer takes her shoes off for her. He delicately caresses her stocking-clad feet. He lifts her legs up and peeks up her skirt at her panties.

The killer strips off Vienna’s top and kisses her tanlined tits. He lies down on the floor between her legs and pushes her lace panties aside. He licks her freshly-killed pussy, then moves Vienna to the couch. He slides his dick between Vienna’s satiny stocking-covered feet. The murderer props Vienna’s legs up and fucks her warm cunt.

Pulling Vienna so her head is hanging over the arm of the couch, the killer opens her mouth and face-fucks the dead girl. He slides her panties aside and fucks her again. A shudder of pleasure shoots up the killer’s spine as he fills his dead quarry with his load. He pats Vienna on her bloody head and leaves.

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