PKF Studios – Knock out, Rape and Kill the Schoolgirl

Starring Katerina Kay

A school girl comes home and is attacked by a man. He chloroforms her, then plays with her unconscious body. When she wakes back up, he knocks her out with a blackjack.

He carries her to the bed, then slowly strips her and plays with her.

He fucks the schoolgirl. Several times, she wakes up and he knocks her back out with the blackjack. At one point, she almost escapes, but he knocks her out again.

Finally, he gets tired of her retaining consciousness, so the last time, he hits her in the head repeatedly until she is dead. He leaves her body sprawled and defiled on the bed.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Young/Teenage Victim, Explicit Sexual Content, Schoolgirl, Chloroform, Repeated Knock Outs, Foot Play, Unconscious, Carrying, Bound Hands, Rape, Forced Sex, Beat to Death, Foot Views, Body Views.

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