PKF Studios – Killing Miguel’s Mom

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“Killing Miguel’s Mom”
Starring Liv ReVamped

A kid named Miguel Sanchez got beat up at school and had his shoes & clothes stolen. Now the bully’s father Mr. Wild is sitting at home gloating about what a hot shot his son is. He’s old school and fully expects his shithead son to exert dominance over his weaker classmates.

Suddenly, Miguel’s mom regains her wits and tries to escape. Mr. Wild punches her in the gut and slams her face-first into the coffee table. He cuffs her hands behind her back and stuffs a rag in Ms. Sanchez’s mouth. He chokes her violently with his hands until she finally lies still. He taunts Miguel through her phone and rapes her while Ms. Sanchez whimpers through her gag.

He grabs a handful of Ms. Sanchez’s fat ass and runs the other hand through her thick curly hair. Mr. Wild rails his victim and spanks her roughly. He wraps a length of rope around Miguel’s mom’s throat and slowly garrotes her to death while he demolishes her pussy. He looks down to appreciate her nice tan booty and juicy twat, while she gurgles out her dying breath. Just another loser from a loser family. He blows his thick ropey load all over her ass. It’s a shame he didn’t run into her earlier, he might’ve inseminated her with some worthwhile semen, instead of her pathetic son Miguel.

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