PKF Studios – Kidnapped And Murdered

“Kidnapped and Murdered”
Starring Aubrey Sinclair
Directed by JohnM

Cute little Aubrey has been left home alone by her parents, and assures them that she will be ok and that she will use the time to catch up on some homework. She disrobes and gets ready for bed expecting a quiet night doing some boring coursework. When she is all done, she bundles up and settles in for a restful night. As she sleeps an intruder sneaks to her bed and quiets her quickly as he straddles her pressing a rag to her nose and mouth. 

In a severe looking dungeon, the predator looms over her, admiring his work at tying her up and fondling her sexy body. With a few slaps he awakens her and as he erupts in frightful noises, the man uses a taser to slowly weaken her fortitude. Straddling her he rips her clothes clear off as terrified cries of emotional fear pour out the side of her ball gag. He has his way with her, making her taste her own pussy as he shoves his fingers in, ignoring her begging for him to stop.

Using a hitachi on her she moans no, please no as he rips orgasms from her, desensitizing her clit with each one. Please let me go she begs as he plays with her breath and enacts some rough body play. He twists her nipples and slaps her breasts. He Makes her suck his cock and fucks her. But she’d be even better dead. He puts her on the bed and strangles her by hand, the crime of a true artist. Her arms and legs flail as she tries to stay alive but it is no use. 

He is slower and gentler with her delicate dead form as he eats her pussy. Pulling out his cock he pushes it into her and fucks her while laying on his side, the hot of her pussy feeling amazing in relation to her cooling skin. Her body moves in waves as his eyes roll in the back of his head, his necro love taking control of his every stroke. Pulling out he ejects his load on her stomach.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Home Invasion, Chloroform, Dungeon, Tied Up, Cuffs, Ball Gagged, Clothing Destruction, Hitachi, Fingering, Rape, Sexual Assault, Begging, Pleading, Taser, Forced Blowjob, Drool, Gagging, Hand Strangle, Death, Necro Fuck, Cumshots, Cum in Mouth, Rough Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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