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“Fuck Her Corpse 18:
One and Ten”
Starring Moka Mora

Nathan Bronson is a double agent who just discovered his girlfriend has been brutally tortured to death. Worse yet, the perpetrator of this gruesome crime is Moka, an enemy spy that Nathan has been seducing for weeks! Finding that his deadly love triangle has suddenly collapsed around him in bloody fashion, Nathan is obviously distraught. However, when Moka enters his safehouse, his espionage instincts take over and he masks his grief perfectly behind a friendly smile.

Moka and Nathan embrace. She fills him in on the gory details of his deceased lover’s final moments. Nathan can’t take any more, he stealthily pulls his pistol from his waistband and points it at Moka’s abdomen. From mere inches away, Nathan unleashes a seemingly endless barrage of hot lead into and through Moka’s lower torso! The muzzle flash and blood spray mingle as one, while her guts are literally blown out her back. Nathan’s lips remained locked on Moka’s the entire time. Blood has gushed from her mouth and coated their lips. Moka drops to the floor, dead.

Always enamored with Moka’s sexy feet, Nathan carefully removes her stiletto heels and lovingly kisses her feet. He savors each one of her perfect toes in his mouth, noticing they are coated with the blood that has pooled in Moka’s high heels. His mood suddenly shifts from affection to rage. He throws her over a nearby table and rips Moka’s intestines out of the exit wound on her back. Blood spills down her lower back and Nathan tears her dress open, revealing her succulent ass.

His blood boiling, Nathan shoves his angry cock into Moka’s gorgeous pussy. He plows away at her jiggling booty, counting out the ten times he shot her. Moka receives yet another shot, when Nathan pulls out and fires a hot load all over the blood pooled on her back. The two fluids mingle in an eery way and Nathan leaves to gather his thoughts.

When he returns later on, Nathan notices that no one has discovered Moka’s corpse. He gains some solace at the thought of her dying forgotten and alone. After stripping her completely naked, he moves her to a nearby table and cleans Moka’s body. He lovingly caresses and kisses her feet again. Fucking her toes and the soles of her feet with his cock. He climbs on top of the table and mounts Moka’s corpse, sliding in and out of her cold pussy with long, deep strokes. After finishing inside her dead womb, he tries but fails to close her big, pretty eyes. Enraged at this final act of defiance, Nathan fires his gun once more into Moka’s chest and leaves angrily. He wonders to himself how he could come out of this situation with both girls dead.

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