PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 2

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Starring Natalie Knight

Stan returns to his cruel bag of tricks and pulls out an even more powerful vibrator, a hitachi wand with an illegal black market motor. He flicks it on and a strong buzz fills the room. Stan presses the vibrating head against Natalie’s already throbbing clit and tortures her with another forced orgasm.

Pleasure and pain, mingling and indistinguishable. Her yowls and the buzzing vibrator echo off the bedroom walls.To her horror, Stan flicks the switch again and the buzzing grows EVEN louder. She begs for him to stop. She feels like he’s sanding her clit right off. She sobs and tries to form words to convince him to free her. Instead, Stan strips down and shoves his dick down her throat again.

Bound and drugged, Natalie can only gag and scream as her mouth is invaded by rock-hard cock. He grabs her little head and uses her skull like a mewling fleshlight.Stan rapes Natalie from behind. Her wrists are bound to her ankles, forcing her face into the mattress with every thrust. Stan unclips her shackles and pushes Natalie down. Crushed by the hulking brute, she feels her pussy tear from the force of his big cock. Natalie sobs endlessly as she’s thoroughly raped. Stan forces her into a variety of positions so he can pummel every inch of her little pussy. To Natalie’s horror and disgust, Stan moans in her ear as he fills her cunt with his load.

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