PKF Studios – Blackcat’s Downfall

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Starring London River

Aaron, the jewel thief checks out his latest score, a fat sack of diamonds. Satisfied with himself, he orders an exotic stripper to celebrate. Little does he know, the infamous cat burglar Blackcat is currently creeping into his safehouse. Overhearing Aaron’s phone call, she pretends to be the stripper to get closer to his jewels.

Blackcat distracts him with her cleavage then pounces on the thief. She grabs his bag of loot and gloats on the way out. Aaron springs up and zaps Blackcat with his taser. Incapacitated she slumps to the floor. Aaron rips open her tight costume, revealing her huge jugs. He forces Blackcat to sucks his cock under the threat of more electrocution.

Aaron bends Blackcat over his lap and spanks her fat ass. This is what she gets for being a bad little kitty. He pulls off her boots and slides off her skintight costume. Aaron forces her to ride him reverse cowgirl on the couch. She tries to escape, but Aaron slams her head of the counter and pulls off her blonde wig while raping her from behind.

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