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Crime House has several studios that produces movies.
Crime House Dark Rooms, but also Toxic Moon Productions.
Movies from crime house include strangling, shootings and hanging.
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Crime House – Cadets

He was just a student of police academy. He was a nerd and newbie.  He tried to communicate with sexy police girls and invite them to go to bar with him but they just laughed at him. And he lost controle. The sentence: «You’re just a student, boy! You even haven’t got a gun» was to string hit to his sole. He catches the gun of police girk and shot her to the breast, Red blood appeared to her white shirt. The another cop tried to shoot him but he shot her first.

He shot them one by one. One bullet – to the first girl, one bullet – to she second. Third bullets was deadly. Copgirls were killed.

He decided to make his theory-skills from criminalistics study-book in practice way. He closed their eyes with metal coins, turned bodies, striped bodies, examed them and make photos.

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Crime House – Barber

Starring: Victoria (Tora), Masha (Mary). Luiza, Angelina, Marina, Kit


Marina is  the hairdresser. That day a strange visitor came her salon. He had long hairs and crazy eyes. He took her scissors and cut her throat. He undressed her bloody body, placed to the chair and started to cut her hair. Now his is the BARBER.

Two sexy girls were waiting at reception for hairdressing. Luiza, businesswoman came in and started to tell about her hairstyle wishing, but the Barber just cut her throat, undressed body and carried to storeroom.

Another client of this salon was daughter of rich parents, club-girl Vika. She was in  sexy white shorts and had expensive purse. She saw pools of blood and crazy barber and tried to run away, but she fell on the floor, The barber cut her T-shirt and stabbed her neck. Blood was flowing to her tits, she made expressive dying face, tried to creep away, showing her great ass-view and slowly died.

The two girls was in  the queue. Lazy wife of businessman Angelina was reading a magazine, but young student Mary felt something wrong and looked through the keyhole. She saw how the barber was stripping Vika’s body in blood.  And she was exiting! She was fan of Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, her favorite movie was « A Clockwork Orange»  and «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre». Her darkside burst forth when she saw the dead body and felt the smell of blood. When Angelina entered the salon she followed her. Angelina slipped in a pool of blood, fell on the floor, and Mary started to strangled her. It was her message for Barber: «We are the same people who love kill!». Barber hold Angelina’s kicking legs and Masha strangled her stronger and stronger, just laughing. Can you just imagine how was Angelina – usual wife living boding and richly, being strangled in luxury  salon? We can only guess, but we will never know because she will never tell. She is dead.

Love and passion between the Barber and Mary was very short. She thought she would be serial killer’s lover, they would drive across America in Cadillac, kill people, eat burgers and hit the pipe. Yes, they could be great killers-couple, but the Barber works only alone. And he choked Mary…

She was looking at him with her eyes full of terror and fear, twitching her body and trying to wheeze pleas for mercy. She wanted to kill but she didn’t want to die. But she did. Her leggy choked body with terrific death stare was just a one of bloody girl’s bodies in the storeroom.

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Crime House – Clones 2


Epic action sci-fi  thriller


Shooting by gun
Shooting by machinegun
Mass killing
Japan sword deadly fighting
Neck snaps
Plenty of dead poses
15 dead girls in one scene
More than 100 killing
5 huge bodypiles! 

All clones dress in classic agent-office style  – white shirts, black short skirts, black stockings or pantyhose, shoes with high heels 

After mass clones killing in the first part, another clones were sent to kill anticlones agent to his own house.  Agent was warn that it could happen so he set traps in the garden. But he didn’t know that it would be SO MANY CLONES…

The first group of clones was killed by gun, another – by machinegun. But after the cruel fight began…

 It’s one of the best our action movies with plenty of killing, different ways to die and huge groups of deadly super sexy clones. Tarantino style! 

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Crime House – True Art


Starring: Juliana, Pola, Nata, Annabelle, Kit, Anatoliy


Anatolio is a famous portrait artist. His student and journeyman is also his fan. They invite models for painting them. Anatolio isn’t fast artist. After 7 hours painting their first model got angry they are too slow.  Journeyman got too angry: nobody can tell his master «Come on!». He attacks poor girl and strangled her to death. Anatolio was very happy: «It’s great way to let me work as long as I need!» says Maestro.

Next three models that night were killed this way. Artists invited them to pose for their canvas and the student strangled them.

After all 4 models were killed artists carried them to great erotic bodypile, absolutely nude. Poor girls indeed! One of them was just single mum who worked as model to earn some money for her child. Another one was a student if Art University and just wanted to be involved in artist mob… Now they are nude dead limp body with dummy stupid frightened death stares.

When some time past and bodies became solid, artists  went further in their sophisticated plans. They stood frozen bodies like mannequins and constructed horror composition.   They played with dead limp bodies as the could.

Some time after bodies fall to the floor…

Terrific, franc, erotic, Necro horror movie with many fetish elements:

Choking, Dead play, limp play, strangulation, freeze, bodipile, carrying bodies


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