Jennys Encasement and Latex Dreams – Hard Exploitation Of A Hot In Shiny Nylon Encased Slave Bitch

His wife was away for a couple of days and we were able to have some quality time in glossy pantyhose. Every cell of mine was longing for this man and I was ready to do everything, just to get close to him. He bound my arms and stroked me gently and I could practically feel my swollen wet labia screaming for his cock.

My lust for devotion was so huge that all I wanted was to have him inside of me and he wanted the same. He rammed his big cock in my cunt with each thrust deeper and deeper, turned me like his doll: on his stomach, on his back and enjoyed my helplessness.

He looked stunning in his shiny pantyhose and black nylon body. Right after cutting a small hole in my dirty fuck mouth followed by pushing his cock deep all the way down into my throat, he poured a fat load of his warm sperm in my fucking mouth.

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