Dixie Comet – Struggle Snuggle

Dixie comes home to her cozy apartment after a long days work. She is mentally drained and her feet ache from a long day of wearing heels. She walks in and pops off her heels and retires to her couch. She sits down and lets out a tiresome sigh as she grabs a magazine and lays back to relax before she has to cook herself dinner. While she’s relaxing in the comfort of her apartment enjoying her favorite magazine she is unaware that she is not alone! Suddenly, a chemically soaked rag is placed forcefully over Dixie’s mouth until she is unwillingly put to sleep.

When Dixie awakens she finds herself bound to her kitchen table with her clothing removed and her panties shoved firmly into her mouth. She tries to scream but with her mouth full of panties she is only able mumble a series of vowels. She struggles to get free but fails in her attempts. Suddenly her assailant reveals himself, his face is cover with a mask and he is half naked with a rock hard cock. He walks over to Dixie and begins to masturbate in front of the completely helpless girl. Dixie frantically tries to escape but is unable. The masked intruder maneuvers behind Dixie and crams his dick right into her tight little pussy. He begins to thrust back and forth as Dixie continues to resist. He fucks her as he pleases and verbally berates the innocent victim. He then walks towards Dixie’s face and removes her panties from her mouth and immediately shoves his cock in their place. He fucks her face as if it was still her little cunt. When he is finally ready to blow his wad he takes steady aim and drenches her face with his hot sticky jizz. Her face and her dining table are absolutely covered with his hot spunk. He instructs Dixie not to ever speak of this before he quietly makes his exit. Dixie remains bound to her table, her face covered in a strange mans cum, how will she get free? Will someone finder her in this embarrassing position?

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